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Forum Registration

Post by Patrick Verner » Sat Nov 15, 2014 3:16 pm

Note: There are 1,000s of posts in this forum. They are visible after you log in.

This is a support forum for people that paid for Parted Magic. If you did not pay for Parted Magic, you are not allowed access to this forum.

Step 1: Buy Parted Magic. This is a support forum for paying customers. You MUST use the same email address used in the shopping cart when you register for this forum. See restricted email address below.

Step 2: Register for this forum HERE.

Step 3: Wait. Sometimes your forum account will be approved within seconds and sometimes it can take hours. This is done manually by a human.

Note: and all ru email addresses are blocked because of high levels of spam.

Note: All AT&T email services block mail from Liquid Web. Liquid Web is the company that hosts our server. AT&T is the only company on earth that blocks mail from Liquid Web. You can still use our forum, you just won't receive any emails from us. You'll have to keep checking back to see if your account was approved. Consider dumping AT&T for a modern email provider. List of AT&T email domains:,,,,,,,,,,,